Sunday, 15 April 2012


How the Truth Got Out.

Truth? Do they still  make that?
Bagged up and sold the last
of mine. Long time gone. Lost
value. To be fair, bag's worth
more empty. Easier to carry.

Bags? Do they stil make bags?
Unravelled mine. Picked the last
one apart. Long time gone.
Lost value to be fair. Thread's
worth more. More versatile.

Threads? No point following
threads. Not now. It's fibre
you want. To be fair, 'following'
is old hat. Fibres are worth
much more. Multi-directional.

Hats? More hats than I know
what to do with, more hats
than I can shake a stick at.
Sure, take one - thinking
about it - take a stick too.

Stick? Not really a stick,
more a needle. Here, help
me thread it. I gotta darn
this worn-out sack -
that's how the truth got out.


  1. I love your structure here, how you move from one stanza to the next.